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A New Year {2017}

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Happy 2017! I can't believe it's the new year already. The last year has been quite the rollercoaster. I've grown so much as a mom, wife and now business owner... There are things I wish I could change but then again we wouldn't have been throttled into giving our business a chance. My faith and my strength have both been tested and it's amazing to see what we were actually capable of. But because of it all Its opened my heart to love and give more to my family and others.



January marks a year since we revamped our business goals and focused more online. Really focusing on products I really wanted to do. Things that spoke to my heart and to others. Turning the page for The Graced House. I had no idea what it would turn into. I just felt like I should give it a chance. It's been amazing, surprising and definitely hard! 

The Graced House started as a small hobby when I had extra time on my hands on maternity leave in 2015. When I went back to work full time I thought I'd just do things in the shop here and there. Then fast forward to 2016 when I was able to cut back to part time and work from home with Breelin. That was HUGE and once I got to see what I felt I missed out on, my heart shifted and poured into The Graced House. We made a few changes, opportunities presented itself and we had that adultish talk. What if we fail, what if this success was only temporary, a fluke. Sure, it could have been all of those things (it still can be) but my little hobby turned into such a huge dream that only continues to grow. 

Now here we are 7 months into working full time as a stay at home mom/business owner and let's be real....There are days that are HARD. There are days when I think "what am I doing?!". There are days when I turn to my to creative friends for guidance or advise. I have a toddler that is constantly pulling things down, under my feet, days with no naps and a few long nights where it's not an 8-5 but the best decision I ever made was to start. 

I really want to say Thank you! Thank you to my family, my friends, my customers turned friends and everyone that helps support our small business. The outpouring of support has been more than I ever dreamed I hope that you know the impact you make when you choose to support a small shop and business. The difference is there, the quality, the service, the heart...but most of all you support a dream and the family behind that dream.

So here is to 2017. The new chapter, working out the kinks, to growing, to creating balance, to more kindness, to unplugging more often, to chasing your dream. So from our family to yours...Happy New year!